High Performance Test

Will You Become Successful in Life?

Your personality dictates how successful you will become. Take these tests to find your weak spots and discover how to leverage your strengths. After taking all 3 tests, each taking 2 - 3 minutes, you will receive an email with your test scores and an explanation of the results.

1. I generally feel guilty about my own happiness if a friend tells me that he or she is feeling depressed.

2. I have trouble saying no to people.

3. I frequently find myself not telling others about my good luck so that they will not have to feel envious.

4.Before getting down to work on a project, I suddenly find a whole bunch of other things to take care of first.

5. I tend to believe that people who look out for themselves first are selfish.

6. When someone I know succeeds at something, I usually feel that I have lost out by comparison.

7. I rarely have trouble concentrating on something for a long period of time..

8. When I have to ask others for help, I feel that I am being bothersome.

9. I often compromise in situations to avoid conflict.

10. When I have made a decision, I usually stick to it.

11. I feel self-conscious when someone who “counts” compliments me.

12. When I am involved in a competitive activity (sports, a game, work), I am often so concerned with how well I am doing that I do not enjoy the activity as much as I could.

13. A sure-fire way to end up disappointed is to want something too much.

14. Instead of wanting to celebrate, I feel let down after completing an important task or project.

15. Mostly, I find that I measure up to the standards that I set for myself.

16. When things seem to be going really well for me, I get uneasy that I will do something to ruin it

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